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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. OmniMask does an especially good job of accommodating eyewear and the high-performance seal at the nose keeps eyewear fog free.

High-quality FDA-grade silicone, PC, PC/ABS, and polypropylene. The mask and all accessories are also latex free.

Yes. After removing the straps and filters, you can place the mask on the middle rack for cleaning.

Keep in mind that dishwashers perform a more agitative cleaning than hand washing and will cause pre-mature wear of the anti-fog coating on the interior of the clear faceplate.

To preserve the lifespan of the anti-fog coating, hand wash with a mild dish soap while minimizing touching of the interior of the faceplate.

Place the headgear over the crown at the back of your head, then pull the mask down. Snap the lower straps together behind the neck and adjust to fit.
Push the one-button release at the back of the neck to take off your mask.

After removing the filters and straps, for best results you can hand wash in warm water with a mild dish soap. Alternatively, you can run it through a dishwasher cycle.

To preserve the lifespan of the anti-fog coating on the interior of the clear faceplate:

  • minimize touching of this area during hand washing; or
  • choose a short cycle if running through a dishwasher.

Keep in mind that dishwashers perform a more agitative cleaning than hand washing and will cause pre-mature wear of the anti-fog coating on the interior of the clear faceplate. For this reason we recommend hand washing whenever possible and, when not possible, setting the dishwasher to a short cycle.

OmniMask is designed and assembled in the USA.

We initially also performed all manufacturing in the USA.  We now manufacture a portion of our materials internationally due to limitations in the domestic supply chain.

As much as possible, we prefer to keep manufacturing local to ensure quality, create jobs, and ensure availability during emergencies.

Place OmniMask to ensure a good seal around the nose and face, then adjust straps to keep in place. We make the straps extra long to support a variety of head shapes, sizes, and hairstyles.

To conduct a positive pressure-seal check, use the palm of your hand to block the exhale filter and then lightly exhale into your mask. You should feel the mask lift slightly on your face to indicate positive pressure and a good seal. If needed, you can adjust the positioning of the mask or tighten the straps to improve the seal.

To conduct a negative pressure-seal check, use the palms of your hands to block the two air inlets on the side of the mask. Gently inhale so the facepiece collapses slightly and hold your breath for 10 seconds. If probably positioned, the mask will deflate slightly to indicate no inward leakage of air and that it is sufficiently sealed for use.  Again, if needed you can adjust positioning and straps to improve the seal.

You can use the palms of your hands to perform the above.  We also offer pressure-seal check pads designed for that purpose, which ship in pairs.

Yes. OmniMask is reusable and will last for years with basic care.
Our customers tend to be experts in breathing protection and continually offer high praise for OmniMask's comfort in terms of fit and coolness.
Yes. The sound output is much better than reusable N95 respirators, but not quite as good as surgical masks.

OmniMask is available in a single size designed to support about 90% of the general population.

OmniMask utilizes a high-grade anti-fog coating to help keep the face clear even during heavy exertion.

Just as importantly is our high-performing nose fit, which also helps keep eyewear fog free.

Yes. The breathing is remarkable.

No. OmniMask seals to your face and the areas under the seal are protected from fluids and airborne particulates. Face shields do not seal to your face.

Not currently, although this is our goal.  When we do, we will likely offer two lines of the mask:  one with NIOSH approval and one without.  Both masks will be made from the exact same materials and offer the exact same geometry.

However, due to government restrictions the non-NIOSH version will be able to be sold with adapters for third-party filters (like 3M and Honeywell) while the NIOSH-approved version cannot.

OmniMask is not recyclable but is reusable and designed to last for years.

Yes. The combination of dual one-way airflows with our advanced E100 filter material allows for significantly easier and cooler breathing than disposable N95 masks.

All users manuals and guides are online:
Approximately 7x5x5 and a lightweight 5.7 ounces.
The mask is designed for regular, continuous use 24x7. It can be stored for years if kept out of direct sunlight.

Yes. Although we incorporated 3D models of heads provided by the CDC into our design process, we also independently studied and test-fitted with a highly diverse group of faces and heads (age, gender, and ethnicity) to validate our designs.

OmniMask includes extra-long straps to support even very large hairstyles. You can see examples in the photography throughout our site.
We make our E100 filters in the USA.

Our E100 filter material is tested for three kinds of filtration efficiency:

  • 99.50% particulate filtration efficiency with 0.1 micron particulates;
  • 99.997% viral filtration efficiency per ASTM-F2101; and
  • 99.999% bacterial filtration efficiency also per ASTM-F2101.

With our adapters, you can also utilize P100 and other specialty filters from 3M as well as Honeywell N95 filters.

Yes.  Our E100 filters utilize Technostat 150 Plus filter materials, which Nelson Labs independently tested for viral and bacterial filtration per ASTM-2101 in compliance with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines.

Our supplier also conducted additional in-house testing with NaCl 0.1 micron particles on the NIOSH-required TSI 8030 automated filter tester. A copy of the reports and results can be found here.

Yes. OmniMask filters both inhale and exhale.

Optionally, you can remove the exhale filter to improve speaking tone and volume slightly—or to extend filter supplies in an emergency.

You will remain protected because the exhale valve prevents air from entering your mask through this path.  However your own exhaled air is no longer filtered so use caution when around others.

The lifespan depends on the amount and conditions of use, but we generally designed the E100 filters to last as long as (or even longer than) a disposable N95.

What does "even longer than" mean?

It means that because OmniMask incorporates a one-way airflow, the inhale filters never clog up with humidity from the wearer's exhale—which in turn helps keep every breath you take cool, fresh, and dry.

Our one-way airflow also helps preserve the electrostatic charge of the inhale filters. In disposable N95 masks the electrostatic charge dissipates quickly due to moisture from the wearer's exhale.

Please replace the E100 filters with a fresh, clean set if they become soiled or damaged or breathing resistance increases significantly.

Two for inhale and one for exhale.  These filters are sold in 15/packs through our website.
Unscrew the filter caps and swap the filter material. It takes less than a minute for all three filters.

For everyday use, we recommend our E100 filters, which provide above 99% or better filtration efficiency.

You can also use traditional N95 filters from Honeywell as well as P100 and other specialty filters from 3M, but you will need to purchase the appropriate adapter on our site.

No. However, consumables are minimized—60 filters weight only 1.4 ounces.

Replacement E100 filters are sold in 15/packs and are available for purchase through our site.  Just visit

Our E100 filters are optimized for better filtration efficiency and breathability over traditional N95 filters, but don't have the same load capacity.

If you are in an environment with especially concentrated particulates—or work in an industry otherwise regulated by NIOSH—then you should use a traditional N95.

Any of the disc-style particulate filters, including the 2091 and 2291 P100 filters, which are generally available on Amazon and most hardware stores.

The Honeywell N95 filter, which is P/N 7506N95. These filters are available on Amazon.
Same as for OmniMask itself, either dishwash or handwash.
No. Although larger than our E100 filters, they do not affect the field of view.

The Honeywell adapters come in a three pack:  two for inhale and one for exhale. Simply pull and stretch to remove the OmniMask E100 filter housings and replace them with the Honeywell adapters. Make sure when doing so that the exhale housing is located at the chin and the two inhale housings at the cheekbones.

This specific orientation is very important:  it brings air across the capillaries in the checks to help keep your skin cool and dry and also helps remove hot and humid exhaled air to help keep your mask fog free.

You can ensure you have the inhale and exhale housings in the right orientation by looking at the blue valves mounted in the filter housings:  the valves on the cheeks should be oriented towards the wearer to be in inhale mode and the valve at the chin should be oriented away from the wearer to be in exhale mode.

For cleaning purposes, the valves are removable, so after cleaning be sure to double check their orientation before wearing your OmniMask.

Like the Honeywell adapters, the 3M adapters come in a three pack but they are installed and used slightly differently. To install them, simply pull and stretch to remove the original E100 filter housings and replace them with the 3M adapters.

There is a specific orientation that is important:

The two inhale adapters with the blue valves should be placed by the cheekbones and the exhale adapter without a valve is placed at the chin.  The three bayonets (prongs) on all three adapters point away from the user are used to mate with 3M filters.

The blue valves can be removed when cleaning and are interchangeable when re-installing.  Just remember though that any 3M adapter with a blue valve is set to inhale mode and should only be used on cheeks.

Why? Because the vales help bring fresh air across the checks to help keep your skin cool and dry. Similarly, the exhale adapter at the chin also helps by removing hot and humid air from your mask by the shortest (and quickest) route possible.

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Please inspect your order upon receipt. Contact us if any item is defective, damaged, or missing so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right.

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