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Adapters for 3M Filters


Enables you to attach N95, P100, and other speciality filters and gas cartridges manufactured by 3M to ensure versatility and supply redundancy during emergencies.

Each package includes three adapters:  two for attaching 3M filters to the inhale and a third for optionally attaching a 3M filter to the exhale. (Many wearers prefer to use 3M only with the inhale and continue to use our E100 filters for the exhale.)

Note:  The package includes three adapters and two blue valves. The valves are for inhale filters. The architecture of 3M filters does not allow for a valve to be used on the exhale.

Click here for instructions on how to install and use the 3M adapters.

Includes:  3 adapters, 3 orange grommets, and 2 valves